Swans M200A 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System with Bluetooth Ver4.0+EDR (Upgraded Version of Swans M200MKII with 4 pin Digital XLR & Bluetooth)

Swans M200A 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System Upgraded Version of Swans M200MKII with Bluetooth Ver4.0+EDR

The Swans M200A is an extremely high fidelity speaker that delivers astounding sound with the added convenience of Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR . Hence, it appeals to everybody who loves music and uses smartphones and other smart devices. The M200A is a remarkably well built legacy (wired) speaker that can also be used as a bluetooth (BT) speaker. It allows you to stream music wirelessly from your phone, tab or BT music player. Buy the HiVi Swans M200A in India at the best price only on proaudiohome.com

The Swans M200A is quite a looker. It is an upgraded version of the award winning Swans M200MKII Speaker and carries forward several signature design elements, such as the bespoke wooden panels on the sides. Unlike most other speakers which have a boxy shape, the M200A has irregular dimensions. Not only does this look cool and aerodynamic, but it also prevents resonance and thereby improves performance. The dual structure minimizes distortion – even while playing highly dynamic music tracks. The sound always remain crisp, clear and entertaining. The damping material has undergone thorough testing and scrutiny in order to achieve the best possible Q index. 

The key components of the M200A remain its 5 inch driver and the 25 mm tweeter. Both are a tribute to the technological prowess of Swans and HiVi. Together, they create an astounding musical experience. One that is complex, engaging and natural at the same time. The Swans M200A produces brilliant bass, pleasant mids and detailed high notes. The tweeter that is featured in this Swans speaker is known among music lovers as the big daddy of all tweeters. No wonder it works like magic.

HiVi Swans has years of experience in designing high end woofers and this is reflected in the 5 inch woofer quality of the Swans M200A. The oscillating plate is made up of high grade mica – this lends it strength. The design is so perfect that there is zero magnetic leakage. This results in a natural sound. The SV coil is highly resistant to heat – it can handle high power input and protects the driver. The long-stroke, low-frequency linear displacement does two things very well – it reduces distortion and makes the driver range more dynamic (entertaining sound).


Usually, when you play music over BT, there is a slight loss in fildelity (quality of sound). However, the HiVi Swans M200A incorporates the advanced Bluetooth Version 4.0 with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR). It also balances the input smartly, leading to a very negligible difference in the sound output. Also the BT is very easy to pair. Just find it on your mobile device and pair. 


System Type:

Two-way 4th order vented speaker system

Driver Configuration:

5.25" woofer, 0.8" tweeter

Frequency Range:



80Hz-20kHz ≤1%(85dB/1m)


Passive crossover filter 

Rated Power:

35W RMS/Channel, 70W RMS/ Dual Channel

Crossover frequency:


Bass Adjust:


Treble Adjust:



>85 dB 

Input sensitivity:

650 mV

Input impedance:

22 kΩ



Dimension (W×H×D):

192×230×350 mm

Net Weight:

13.5 kg


wood/black matte finish

Warranty : 1 Year against Manufacturing Defects

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Swans M200A 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System with Bluetooth Ver4.0+EDR (Upgraded Version of Swans M200MKII with 4 pin Digital XLR & Bluetooth)

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