Signature Acoustics Du-Son T400 Premium Replacement Memory Foam Ear-bud Tips with superior noise isolation comply with 4.9mm earphone nozzle|6 pairs with custom storage case| Large| Red, Black & Grey

Standard silicone ear-tips are often associated with in-ear irritation and fatigue.

Every person’s ear canal is different. Hence, a standard sized silicone ear-tip does not provide a snug and comfortable fit. This impairs the overall audio experience.

Memory foam, on the other hand, expands to the exact shape and size of a person’s ear canal. SA memory foam earbud tips facilitate noise isolation and greatly improve comfort. This has several positive consequences, such as:

  • Better Audio Fidelity
  • Increased ear safety – noise isolation does away with the need to increase volume in noisy environments and protects the eardrum. (High volume can damage hearing)
  • Ability to use earphones for longer time – standard tips often cause throbbing and pain. Memory foam ear-tips are comfortable and thus, the user can safely wear them for a longer duration.
  • Can be used even when user is active – Memory foam fits snugly and reduces low pressure points. As a result, the ear-tips do not fall out easily even when the user is active. (Walking/cycling etc.)

Signature Acoustics is a pioneer in delivering high quality audio solutions. Apart from best-in-class earphones and BT adapters, the Signature Acoustics range also includes accessories such as comply memory foam ear-tips, cables, headphone stands and so on.

SA received an overwhelming response with respect to their memory foam ear-tips and hence, the brand now offers a comprehensive line-up of the same in various colors (red, black & grey) and sizes.

There are two ear-tip sizes – medium & large and 3 nozzle sizes (3mm, 4mm & 4.9mm) to choose from. SA also offers premium packaging and custom storage space to ensure product longevity.

Memory Foam Features:

1)  Unmatched Comfort. Memory foam expands to exact shape of ear canal and creates a customized fit. Say Goodbye to in-ear irritation, pain and fatigue.  

2)      Superior Noise Isolation improves audio fidelity. Take the performance of any earphone to a completely different level by minimizing the effect of external disturbances.

3)      Enhanced Ear Safety. As ambient noises are filtered out, there’s no need to increase volume in chaotic environments. This prevents hearing damage that may’ve been caused due to high earphone volume.

4)      Enjoy Audio For A Longer Duration. Since these ear-bud tips are extremely comfortable compared to standard silicone tips, users can safely wear them for a longer time without experiencing discomfort.

5)      Snug Fit ensures that earphones do not fall out when walking or performing other activities.

Memory Foam Advantages:

Memory Foam are a recent advent for audio-enthusiastic

1. Great Comfort. Shaping ear-canal, reduce wear fatigue and low pressure points.

2. Superior Noise Isolation.

3. Augmented and superior sound fidelity

4. Better fit and grip over conventional earphone tips.

Suitable Earphones model for 4.9mm: Memory Foam Model (SA400)

Signature Acoustics : C12ii / O16 / Be09 / C12

AKG :  K321 / K328 / K330 / K340 / K370 / K375 / K376 / Q350 / Q250 / K3003

SONY : EX300 / EX082 / EX510 / EX10LP / EX110 / XBA-H1 / XBA-C10 / XB70 / EX600 /W262 / AS400IP / NC033 /WS615 / NC31EM / LT26i /LT25C

JBL:  E10E+ / iS100 / E1+S200a / J33 / J33i / J33A / T280A..

DENON : C256R / C560R / C560 / C300 / K701


JVC :  FX1X / FX3X / FX750 / FX850 / FXT100 / FXT90 / FXT2001 / FXC51-R / FXC80 / FRD60 / FXZ200 / FX1200

UE :  TF10 / TF15 / UE900 / UE-SF4 / UE600

SENNHEISER :  IE60 / IE8 / IE80 / IE8I / IE300 / CX200 / CX271 / CX275s / CX175 /CX215 /CX300II / CX500 / CX985 /CX890I / CX400II /CX685 /MM30G


SKULLCANDY :  50/50 / ink'd2.0 / CHOP / bud2.0 / TITAN

ASTROTECH :   AX30 / AX35 / AX60 / AM700 / AM800

  PowerBeats / PowerBeats2.0 / N-lite / jamz / jazz2

AudioTechnica :  CKR7 / CKR9 / CKR10 / CKR5 / CKN70 / IM02 / IM03 / IM50 / IM70 / CKM300 / CKM500 / CKW1000 / CKW1000ANV / CKS99 CKS77 / CLR100 / CK90PRO / CBB50 / COR150 / CK100 / CK313IS / SKS55X / ANC33IS / MK2

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Signature Acoustics Du-Son T400 Premium Replacement Memory Foam Ear-bud Tips with superior noise isolation comply with 4.9mm earphone nozzle|6 pairs with custom storage case| Large| Red, Black & Grey

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