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SOLD OUT REL T-Zero Subwoofer

About REL

REL Acoustics Ltd is British premium subwoofer manufacturer - founded in 1990 by Richard Edmund Lord.  Dissatisfied by the commercially available subwoofers of the day, Lord set out to build Himself something better. Almost immediately, word spread of a Welshman who had built this incredible sounding sub bass system and soon enough audiophiles began searching out these legendary subs that were built like no other.Lord began referring to them as sub bass systems, because the performance he had been able to achieve was the result of system engineering. Where common subwoofers rely on amplifying a line level signal, Lord had intuitively realized that the signature of the entire system had to be built forward into a pre-conditioning signal that allowed the sub to disappear into the music. Thus, from almost the very beginning REL's used a special high-level circuit. 

The modern era of REL began in 2005 when John Hunter and Donald Brody acquired REL. Almost immediately, they identified several key paths to take the strengths of the core REL philosophy and build upon them. First, the designs had to be updated and made to look as wonderful as they sounded. REL is NOT an unattractive slab but fantastically finished, good looking product. Second, for all their robust qualities, there was room for improvement in the area of electronics and driver technology. Accordingly, they set about on a comprehensive plan to upgrade and improve every aspect of the products; focusing on reliability, clean styling and robust mechanical construction–a path that continues to this day.


REL sub-bass systems can be “tuned” to your system and room, whatever your system’s capabilities and listening room size. This is of enormous benefit, particularly if like many others, your listening room is not perfect. The REL can be positioned to pressurize your listening room below its lowest eigentone and ensure that those previously missing or masked frequencies are heard cleanly and clearly, no false emphasis or boom – you control its sound in your system. 

T-Zero - Miracle in miniature

The premise of T-Zero; bringing the quality and indeed the full REL connectivity suite, long throw drivers and powerful, reliable amplifiers to a new lower price point and dimension. T-Zero is, in many ways, the most difficult design we have ever executed because never before have we delivered so much for so little with so much quality. 5 coats of lacquer, as in all Series T, next generation Class D amplifiers, High level inputs, .1 separate input stages, rugged 6.5” main driver with exceptional output and low bass extension for its size means T-Zero gives up little to much larger units from the competitors.High-level with crossover available down to 25 Hz, a dedicated .1 Input so Theater Reference mode can be engaged; T-Zero is a miracle in miniature.

T-Zero is built using a super stiff cabinet construction that drives the resonant frequency higher so it is more easily damped by our instrument-grade bracing. We utilized 5 full coats of lacquer, and solid aluminium feet and badging because REL owners understand quality must extend throughout a product, not just in the most obvious locations. And its diminutive scale allows it to all-but-hide among the furnishings in your home.


Driver ( Active ) in Inches  -  6.5 INCH

Actve Drive Unit  -   6.5in., 165mm long-throw, steel chassis

Power Output  -   100 Watts (RMS)

Type  -   Sealed, down-firing active woofer

Lower Frequency Response  -   38 Hz at -6 dB in room

Input Connectors  -   High-Level Neutrik Speakon, Low-Level single phono, LFE phono

Input Impedance  -   High-Level: 150k, Low Level: 10k, .1/LFE: 10k ohms

Gain Control Range  -   80 dB

Phase Switch  -   Yes, 0 or 180 degrees

Amplifier Type  -   Class D

"Protection System  -  Fully Electronic SET-SAFE, D.C. Fault, Output Short"

Fuse  -   2.00 Amp semi delay

Dimensions (WHD) Including Feet and Rear Panel Controls  -   8.5 x 9.5 x 10.25 in., (216 x 241 x 260 mm)

Net Weight  -  6.8 kg

Finish  -   Gloss Piano Black 

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REL T-Zero Subwoofer

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