2 - 3 Days Pro-Ject Brush-IT Anti Static Record Cleaning Brush

Project Brush-IT Record Cleaning Brush

The Project Brush-IT record cleaning brush is an essential accessory to keep your vinyl records in the best playing condition. This brush will eliminate dust and residue that has built up on your record and leave it in perfect playing condition. All you have to do is apply gentle pressure as you move the brush around the record to clean the grooves.

  • Essential for keeping your records in the best condition
  • Simply run the brush around the record
  • Eliminates dust and residue that can build up over time
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    Pro-Ject Brush-IT Anti Static Record Cleaning Brush

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    • Brand: Project Audio
    • Product Code: Brush-It-Offer
    • Availability: 2 - 3 Days
    • ₹1,499.0
    • Ex Tax: ₹1,270.3
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