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BIC America V80 5.1 setup

The BIC America Venturi V-80 delivers astonishingly deep, vigorous bass from an 11 inch cabinet! Its 100 Watt amplifier is equalized at low frequencies. This enables the 8 inch woofer to produce astounding low bass output, especially when you consider its size. The amplifier volume control and adjustable crossover facilitate pairing of the V-80 to any type of speaker. Moreover, the BIC America V-80 is equipped with  state-of-the-art automatic on/off signal-sensors and high or low level inputs. The one-of-a-kind woofer is finished in black laminate.

V80 (Subwoofer) Specification:

Frequency Responses    -    25Hz - 200Hz

Impedance    -    8 ohm

Nominal Power    -    100watts

Peak Power Handling    -    200watts

Sensitivity    -    90dB

DV32B (Bookshelf)- Specification:

Frequency Responses    -    23Hz-180Hz

Impedance    -    8 ohm

Nominal Power    -    200watts

Peak Power Handling    -    430watts

Sensitivity    -    90dB

DV32CLR (Center) Specification:

Frequency Responses    -    75Hz-20kHz (+/- 3dB)

Impedance    -    8 ohm

Nominal Power    -    5-125watts per channel

Sensitivity    -    90db @ 1watt

Products Include:

1unit V80 Subwoofer

2pair DV32B surround Speaker (Bookshelf)

1unit DV32CLR Center Speaker

Warranty    :   5 years on drivers, 2 years on Amp

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BIC America V80 5.1 setup

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