Top 5 Turntables in India in 2018

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Top 5 Turntables in India in 2018

Turntables are making a comeback for a multitude of reasons. There is something deeply fascinating about watching a record spin. Turntables produce deep, rich, sonorous notes; many audiophiles swear that they sound way better than other digital sources. Last but not the least, turntables possess an old world charm that your mp3 player just cannot match! Check out our list of the top 5 turntables in India in 2018. Note: WE PRICE MATCH. Whatsapp us for best price: +91 9222997066

                                                        #1:  Clearaudio Concept Turntable

This record player is the recipient of several awards and it’s undoubtedly the best turntable within its class. If you are in the market for a versatile, reliable record player with superior performance and astounding build quality, we suggest that you get the Clearaudio Concept in a jiffy! If you can afford it, that is.

Pros: Phenomenal Sound Output, versatility, ease of use. 3 speed ranges: 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM. The fact that it is manufactured in Germany speaks volumes about its build quality. 

Cons: Price tag might give you a heart attack! Costs more than 2 commuter bikes put together. Design is clean although a tad too simplistic for Indian tastes. 

Rating: 9.5/10

Design & Construction
The Clearaudio Concept looks understated yet elegant; with its smooth, rounded edges and polished surfaces. It is sure to pique the curiosity of your friends, if such things matter to you. Weighing in at 7.5 kg, this record player appears substantial and planted. The intricate design of the arm lends it a distinct, esoteric appeal. 

The quality of construction is immaculate. You can’t really go wrong with Teutonic engineering. The attention to detail is very evident in all aspects of the design. Clearaudio is very well aware of the needs and priorities of people belonging to the digital age. If you ask a teenager to fit a cartridge in a tonearm, they will give you a bewildered look for half a second and then go back to fiddling with their smartphone. Thus, in order to make the turntable more user friendly, it has been fully configured at the factory. There’s no need to trifle with complicated settings – just plug it in and play. You can have a record playing within minutes of un-boxing the Clearaudio Concept. You do need to install the belt and platter; but you can do that, right?

One might assume that all this simplicity comes at the cost of performance and important features. But no, this is where the ingenuity of the manufacturer really impresses. The output is simply phenomenal! It does not have an overly weighty low end. The notes feel light, taut and deep at the same time. The detail is mind boggling. Once you listen to a record on the Clearaudio Concept, going back to your run-of-the-mill player feels empty and uninspiring. The whole experience of assembling and playing a record on the Concept is engaging without being too cumbersome. The bespoke friction free tone arm with magnetic bearing almost glides into place and envelopes you in musical heaven.

Final Verdict: What verdict? It’s a no brainer! Buy it if you can afford it.
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                          #2:  Pro-Ject Essential II 2 Speed Turntable With Ortofon OM 5E Cartridge

Back in the 1980s, the world had already been bitten by the digital bug. Almost everybody was convinced that it was the end of the analog era. Turntable sales were dwindling. Only a minuscule group of die-hard audiophiles hung on to their record players and they too listened to them rarely. These were the ‘purists’ who dismissed that new age technnologies saying that digital music sounded lifeless.

In 1990, when the world was moving towards walk-mans and CD players, a man named Heinz Lichtenegger founded Pro-ject in the Austrian Capital of Vienna. He aspired to build a company that specialized in manufacturing high quality turntables for music connoisseurs. It was people like Heinz that kept analog music alive for all these years. Now, almost 3 decades later, the world has caught on with their vision. Turntables are ‘in vogue’ once again and the Pro-ject Essential II Turntable with Ortofon OM 5E cartridge is the best mid-range record player in the country.

Pros: Dynamic sound, build quality, great cartridge, fairly easy to set up and use even though it’s a manual.

Cons: Nothing really, especially at this price. Not suitable for 78 rpm records but we’re really nitpicking here. 

Rating: 9.2/10

Design & Construction
The Essential II has a no-frills look. It has not been designed to attract attention. The focus is on performance and build quality. The turntable doesn’t make the slightest attempt to impress visually. However, place a vinyl on it and it’s a whole different story. 

This record player boasts of an 8.6 inch aluminum tonearm. The entire arm is crafted using a single piece of aluminum. The record player requires manual cueing and hence there is no automatic return mechanism. The counter weight, along with the support rod provide perfect alignment and balance. 

The star of the show, however, is the Ortofon OM 5E magnetic cartridge (mm). Ortofon is one of the most renowned turntable cartridge manufacturers in the world. Based in Denmark, it sells more than half a million cartridges per year. The OM 5E cartridge itself costs upwards of 7000 rupees in international markets. It is often referred to as the Rolls Royce of all cartridges within audiophile circles. However, unlike a Rolls, this one is fairly affordable. The cartridge is pre-fitted and configured at the factory for delivering optimal performance. The stylus is elliptical shaped and this results in a balanced, distortion-free output. 

This turntable is belt driven and runs at two speeds, namely 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. The synchronous motor is quiet and smooth. The ingenious design ensures that all resonance is transferred to the base of the tonearm, leaving behind only pristine notes. 

The Pro-ject Essential II does not have the detail of the Clearaudio Concept, which is not a surprise since it is priced at about a fourth of the latter. What it does possess, however, is a good rhythm and superb dynamics. The notes are punchy, clear and entertaining. It is difficult to find such composure and refinement in a turntable within this price bracket. 

Verdict:  If you want a record player that offers precision and performance without breaking the bank, look no further than the Project Essential II. The Ortofon OM 5E Cartridge is the perfect match for this highly capable turntable.

WE PRICE MATCH. Whatsapp us for best price: +91 9222997066



#3:  Pro-ject Elemental with Ortofon OM 5E Cartridge

The Pro-ject Elemental is offered as an entry level package. It earns a lot of brownie points owing to its unique design and plug n play nature. 

Pros: This fabulous looking turntable possesses all the desirable traits of a Pro-ject product. It is extremely well made and offers great value for money. It is cleverly engineered and produces a seamless and engaging sound. 

Cons: There’s no way to level the deck and so this record player needs careful placement. Also, there’s no lid. 

Rating: 9/10

Design & Construction
Instead of having a squarish deck like most other record players, the Elemental has an elongated deck, which has been crafted from a single piece of wood. On the underside, there’s an artificial stone base to lend solidity to the entire structure. The DC motor, main bearing and the tonearm are all placed inline for added smoothness. The heavy base soaks up any noise that may be generated by the plinth and the motor. 

This record player is literally ‘plug n play’. It comes with the highly acclaimed Ortofon OM 5E Cartridge and eveything, including the tracking weight and bias force, is pre-configured at the factory. You just need to remove the bearing guard and slide the belt into place. 

The detailing, live emotion and the large sound-stage make you forget that you are listening to an entry level turntable. The bass is agile and the vocals are balanced. The player is not bogged down by multiple layers of instruments – it deals with them with scintillating composure. 

Final Verdict: The Pro-ject Elemental with Ortofon OM 5E Cartridge does not possess the authority of high end record players. However, it redefines what an ‘entry level’ turntable can do. The Elemental sounds a lot like the death knell for cheap, plastic turntables.  WE PRICE MATCH. Whatsapp us for best price: +91 9222997066



                    #4: Audio-Technica AT-LP60-BT


Audio-Technica is one of the most trusted names in the audio industry. Let us take a closer look at their offering. 

Pros: This turntable can be paired with Bluetooth speakers. It blends long-play records with modern Bluetooth technology which is sort of cool in an anti-climatic way! You can also connect it using wires. Compact size, fairly affordable price tag, decent performance, warm and melodious notes. All in all a good, well-rounded package with the convenience of BT.

Cons: Subjective looks. The pairing process is complicated and tiring,  

Rating: 8.1/10

Design & Construction
The design of the AT-LP60-BT incorporates many convenient features such as automatic start and return and a button that raises and lowers the needle. Everything is pretty self-explanatory. There is a start button, a stop button, a button to choose speed and a lever that switches between record sizes. This tells the arm where to place the needle. There’s also an LED switch that activates/deactivates Bluetooth. There is no option of adjusting the tracking force – this is good if you are a beginner and don’t want to meddle too much with calibration settings.

The AT-LP60-BT is very easy to use. There no ‘set-up’ per se. Just install the belt, remove the plastic stylus guard and you are ready to roll. The turntable is compact in size and weighs in at just 2.98 kg. However, the plastic cover feels a bit tacky. There’s no questioning the player’s build quality though – it’s pretty solid and comes with a built in phono-stage. 

The tonearm is made up of a single metallic tube with a plastic counterweight and a moving magnet cartridge with a diamond stylus. The only problem with this turntable is pairing. There is no BT screen and it is highly probably that your speakers don’t have a screen either. So you have to rely on various colored flashing lights to get the pairing done successfully. You will have to actually refer the manual for this, but once it’s done, you can forget about it and start streaming. 

The sound output depends on two major factors: The quality of your vinyl and the capability of your speakers. The stylus of the AT-LP60-BT transmits low frequencies very well. However, if you pair it to a speaker that does not have produce substantial bass, you’ll be missing out. Similarly, if you vinyl is old and damaged, a good speaker won’t help much. Considering that your vinyl is in good condition and your speakers are suitable for the music that you’re playing, the sound is smooth and clean. The bass response feels natural. Instrument separation is impresive and the highs are crisp. 

Verdict: Coupled with the right equipment, the  AT-LP60-BT produces an immersive musical experience. It is ludicrously easy to setup and use (barrring the pairing process). BT is an added retro-modern bonus! 



#5: Jensen JTA-230 Three Speed Turntable With Built in Speakers

There was a lot of pushing, shoving and jostling for this last spot in our list. Find out why the JTA-230 made the cut. 

Pros: It’s very suitable for listening to vinyls in a home setting. Capable record player with a mouthwatering price tag. Runs at all three speeds (33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm).

Cons: It’s not particularly sturdy. 

Rating: 7.5/10

Design & Construction
The design is fairly straightforward. There’s a lid, buttons for start/stop, speed etc. The player is also equipped with an AUX input jack that can be used for connecting mp3 players, iPods etc. The package includes a USB cable and software that facilitates direct encoding from the record player or AUX input to PC.

This turntable has a ceramic cartridge, which costs lesser than magnetic ones. However, a ceramic cartridge is not necessarily a bad thing, at least in this case. Ceramic cartridges are less sensitive to vibrations. So if this turntable would have been equipped with a magnetic cartridge, the output would’ve been noisier because of the vibration caused by the built in speakers. You can also connect to external speakers or home theaters. 

There is also am RPM micro adjustment feature. The product was originally designed for the US. As you may know, there’s a difference between the standard electricity voltage between India and US and this causes slight alterations in the rotating speed even after stepping down to 110 V. The micro adjustment feature enables you to extract the exact number of RPMs depending upon the vinyl.
Note: You need to purchase a separate needle for 78 rpm. 

Considering the price, the quality of sound is surprisingly good. It is comparable to that of a 2 in 1 cassette player. So don’t expect top notch performance. The Jensen JTA-230 functions best with the built in speakers. If you connect to external amps/speakers, output MAY suffer a little bit if there’s a mismatch in impedance.

Final Verdict: If you have a few oldies lying around, the Jensen JTA-230 can envelope you in a wave of nostalgia without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s reliable and fairly durable too, as long as you handle it with care.  

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Narendra Pradhan:

Hi,I am looking for a budgeted Turntable for my home use. I have few old records of 80s brought from abroad. I would like to listen to them and also convert them to mp3/digital form. I stay in Mumbai/Navi Mumbai.I have home theatre/soundbar system to audio enhancement/connectivity.Kindly suggest/advise for the right TT and its availability for Indian standards (230V 50Hz). I do not want to change voltage and frequency and disturb sound output from the vinyl player.Regards Narendra Pradhan Mob: 9820913036

01/12/2017, 11:48:29 AM

Thank you sir. Our Whatsapp number is +91 9222997066. Please get in touch for a free consultation and to get the best price in India.

07/11/2017, 09:07:57 PM

Interesting! I really commend your effort to put this together. Thanks

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Thank you

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P N Madhusudhanan:
12/02/2018, 09:19:27 AM

Sir, I would like to buy a turntable for my home purpose. I have some old HMV records with me. Is it possible to buy one turntable of affordable price now? Thank You, Madhusudhanan P N 8281939720

25/01/2019, 01:02:27 PM has many offers of turn tables.

30/04/2018, 02:52:51 PM

HI I am looking at a turbtable , have been using the Most basic one now.. have collected a few rather large records over he past year , I have Warfdale speakers, a yamaha amp and now would need a good player to complete. would need suggestions .regards

02/05/2018, 06:02:29 PM

Go For Pro-Ject or ClearAudio depending upon budget!

29/05/2018, 01:02:36 PM

HiI am looking for a good quality turntable (need not be budget, but at the same time not very high end) with USB support for recording. What do you suggest.I live in Chennai and do you ship to ChennaiThanks Sriram 9840820210

30/06/2018, 10:14:31 AM

Very nice and helpful team, Spoke to Sagar, and he was very helpful. In my opinion proaudiohome and sagar are very genuine, as they are helping me in choosing a turntable and also made a point that its not compulsory that i buy from them. These are really great gestures and i advice anyone wanting to buy a turntable to reach out to Sagar. Proaudiohome are genuine people !!Ravi 9900113648

Himanshu Bhardwaj:
05/09/2018, 01:31:22 PM

Hi, Do you have some stores in Delhi?

Sanjay Shinde:
24/09/2018, 11:49:04 AM

I am looking for Direct Drive turntable with BT (Bluetooth Connectivity ). I Have Bose Soundbar 300. Will Audio Technica LP-60 will be good match for it ? Can you suggest any other model of Pioneer or Denon or Marantz or Technics or Audio Technica. My budget is 50-60 Thousand. Kindly Oblige and reply on my email. Thanks. Sanjay. Thane, Maharashtra State.

25/01/2019, 01:05:32 PM

I am using turntables for last 50 years. I have not come across one with bluetooth connectivity. But a blue tooth module can be added easily at a cost of around 500 rupees. That is a bluetooth transmitter cum receiver. sells such gadgets. I am using a Stanton T 92 USB turntableand that s of excelent qualiy. It maycost you round 20,00 rupees n India. There aremany cheapr alternaives.

31/08/2019, 10:03:52 AM

if you like in-built BT capability, you may consider "Audio-Technica ATLP60BK BT Automatic Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Turntable" priced at 25K on Amazon.

Ashok Rao:
24/11/2018, 06:33:52 PM

I am looking for a stylus/cartridge for Sonodyne direct drive turntable model RP 30000.

29/04/2019, 12:32:56 AM

I am looking to for a turn table, upto 10, 000/- as I am just starting with using vinyl records. I can go up a little on budget but really want to get the best deal. Have a marantz amp and wharfdale speaker. Could you please suggest which one i should go for. I live in Mumbai. Thanks, Megha

31/08/2019, 10:05:14 AM

There are many options like ION etc, but for a good quality under 10K, i'd recommend Jensen JTA-230

Ashok Manker:
23/07/2019, 11:24:34 PM

I want to buy Audio Technica LP60 black turntable. Please guide me where I can buy and at what price? Amazon price is very high. Mobile 9413395339

31/08/2019, 10:06:19 AM

try ordering it on UBUY, it'd be half price. You may have to shell out a bit on import duty, but finally it will be less than listed price on Amazon.

Sharoni Sen:
04/11/2019, 10:48:12 AM

Hi, do you stock turntable spare parts? I'm looking for a replacement stylus for a Lenco L 82 usb. Can't find it anywhere in India. The lenco store online does not give you a purchase option from the website and there are no retail stores either.

Rajendra Dave:
10/08/2020, 06:58:38 PM

I have more then 300 vinyl records from 1934 to 1990. I have old Garrard turntable with ceramic cartridge (KS40). Stylus is not available in the market. Can you suggest me a good turntable costing nearly Rs.30k. with pre amplifier. As I have seperate AVR with 5.1 channel.

28/08/2020, 10:42:41 AM

I am looking for vintage turntable or pioneer or thorens or marantz in india so pls suggest me from i can get it,

22/05/2022, 02:19:35 PM

Looking for a replacement belt drive for my Jensen JTA 230. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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