Swans M10 vs M20 vs M50W-Help me choose

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The Swans multi-media category has won lots of accolades around the world amongst computerphile and home audio enthusiast. We usually get lot of queries here as to what speakers should I buy? While this question is best answered when we get a direct question like ... what is the best speaker with my budget? Here, I make a guide to help you choose one amongst three. I have also posted pictures of all three in the same environment to help you choose the product. There has been some remarkable and fair reviews already on most of the products. My thoughts are only consumer specific help you choose the product, to best answer the question, which speakers should I buy.


Spec Comparison for M10 M20 and M50W
Sub Driver Size and Power

5.0" 15W RMS Vented


6.0" 40 W RMS Sealed

50Hz-180Hz (-6dB)

6.5" 100W RMS Vented


Satellite Speaker and Power1-way 2nd order sealed box speaker system Woofer: 3" Tweeter:20mm dome tweeter 8W×2 RMS1-way sealed-box full range satellite system, Woofer:3" 120Hz~20kHz 15W×2 RMS2-way 2nd order vented satellite speaker system, er:3" Mid-bass drivers Tweeter: 20mm aluminum dome tweeter. 18W×2 RMS
 RemoteNoYes (Potentiometer)Yes (Potentiometer with Power on/off with LED)
Finish Make and Type2 Models: White and Black, PVC finishWalnut/piano lacquerWalnut / Black piano lacquer
Magnetic ShieldingYesYesYes

While the above specs are not complete in-itself, I have bought about the most important information, that will help you choose your desktop speaker. ... read on




M50W are 2 way wooden cabinets on the satellite. For the Movie lovers, M50W subwoofer also adopts flared port tubes which effectively reduce wind noise to ensure cleaner more natural low frequency sound.  For convenient operation M50W is equipped with a machined aluminum external control dial. At the center of the control dial is a colored ring, when pressing lightly on the top of the dial, the color ring will become red and the speakers will be muted, pressing on the top of the dial a second time will change it’s color back and it will resume it’s normal working state.


To understand the M20, they are multimedia speakers built using wood cabinets, high quality drivers and a decent amplifier. The M20 uses a response 3"driver and a 6"subwoofer in wood cabinets. Wood is much more effective dampening back wave transmission than plastic. The amplifier doesn't skimp on parts. The result is a surprising quality of sound for the price. The volume control is located on light cord that extends from the speaker making allowing you to make adjustments easily at any time.


The Swans M10 is a 3 way 2.1 channel multimedia speaker system. The satellite speaker is composed of a 3” midrange-woofer coupled with natural fiber soft dome tweeter that are responsible for the 120Hz – 20kHz frequency range. To complete the set, a separate 5” long excursion subwoofer with specially optimized Thiele / Small parameters is designed to ensure high quality bass reproduction. M10 is also a magnetically shielded system, so it is safe for electronic devices. The mid-high range of Swans M10 is natural, while the low frequency is real. You can hear the difference.

Images Credit: All images have been taken at the Pristine Note warehouse. To accentuate, the drivers M20 and M50W have there grills removed. M10 Doesn't come with any grills both for satellite and sub-woofer. 



Pro Audio Home Verdict:


M10: More suited for music. Movies are good experience, missing are earth shattering bass with LFE experience. Excellent VFM! Great reviews worldwide! Room size Small to Mid. Most suited for desktop/laptop/tablet speakers. Compare it to price alone, this would be the best speaker in any brand period!


M20: Pristine vocals, great mids. Warm sound, good soundstage. More powerful to M10. Suited for both movies and moves. Room size small to mid. Multimedia/desktop speakers, with good looks. Lacqure quoting with wooden finish looks very posh. Small size. The remote has only volume button. There is another model 5.1 M20 which has a more powerful sub, however both have same satellite.


M50W: Must have for movie lovers. The LFE are very nice, the woofer has excellent throw. The remote is excellent, looks very trendy with excellent utility and LED functions. This one is most expensive of all three. If budget is not a constrain, look no further. Excellent looks. Big brother of M20. Excellent voice clarity and soundstage.

*LFE = low frequency effects.

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