Signature Acoustics O16 Review

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Signature Acoustics Elements Oxygen-Series O-16 Live Metallic Earphone.

The O-16 Live all-metal construction is specially engineered to delivered a natural sound signature & spacious soundstage. This is achieved by 8mm voice coil with unique open back mesh designed and specially design wire. The sound signature has been engineered to evoke the transparency of a live musical setting. These earphones are expressly meant to be used in a quiet listening environment.

The zippered carrying handmade Leather Pouch serves as the perfect foil to the hard metal construction of the earphones.


Enjoy the sound and music like they are meant to be heard!

Signature Acoustics

Hear the Call!


Please read the enclosed manual for more details.


  • MODEL                  :      Elements O-16 Live
  • Type                        :      Open back
  • Driver                     :      8 mm (CCAW)
  • Impedance             :      17 Ohms @ 1Khz
  • Frequency             :      12 to 22 Khz         
  • Sensitivity              :      102 dB
  • Total length            :      1.2 mts (split length 28 cms)
  • Channel Balance   :       < 2.5% dB @ 1 Khz
  • Connector:             : 3.5mm Gold Plated Stereo Pin

Warranty: 1Year warranty against manufacturing defects

Accessories Included:

  • Silicon Ear Tips (S,M,L)
  • Earphone Filters
  • Shirt Clip
  • Handmade genuine Leather Case

----- REVIEWS ------

The Signature Acoustics O-16 comes in a very basic packaging but functional packaging for an IEM. You get a nice brown eather pouch for the IEMs, and also a set of tips located inside the pouch with a cable clip. The leather case is brimming full of authentic leather smell – very addicitive. For a product worth $65, I personally would have liked the packaging to include a better set of tips such as double flange or some foam tips but the case is a very nice touch indeed.

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Overall, the O16 is a grand piece of engineering, another stunner from the stables of Signature Acoustics. The looks are great and it sounds good, albeit with low bass response. Another quality product made [R&D] in India. Considering the early bird pricing of 1850INR on their site, the O16 ranks quite high on the VFM scale.

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The O16-s come in a black cardboard box that’s identical to what came with the C12- understated and classy. Inside the box, you will find a classy leather pouch to store the iems. The C12-s came with an ornamental brass box- the move to leather was to complement the metal enclosure of the O16-s. There is a booklet with a personal message from Gautam, head of Signature Acoustics, spare tips, a shirt clip and two sets of spare mesh filters.

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The sound signature of O-16 is warm and sweet with a slight emphasis on the midrange. Good extension on both ends, but does get a bit rounded off. Bass has good quality and decent quantity, polite in a way but not shy by any mean, though not stand out on their own either. Same can be said to the treble – clean, clear, polite and not exactly bright or exciting. There are some sparkle and micro-detail, but often they don’t stand out enough. Mid is just slightly sweet, well textured with a good thickness to accentuate the vocal. It is further helped by a good soundstage that is aided by the open back design to give it a musical and fluid presentation. 

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Earphones are smartphones best friends, most of the smartphones comes with basic earphones package in the box. Almost all freebie earphones comes with poor sound quality and fit. Signature Acoustics is a company with hear the call tagline is back with its latest earphones or in-ear monitor SA O16 Elements.When I first took the SA O-16 Elements Metal IEMs out of its package, picked up a small stylishly looking metal IEM’s in my hand. 

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First Impressions:  Hmm the box is like the sort of thing that used to come out of China a few years ago.  Fancy it is not.  Opening up though, still not fancy but I find the use a two tone green, firm and soft foam most pleasant.  It’s silly but that its green rather than black, seems so unusual and quirky in the most pleasing of ways.  The buds, hmm, not very interesting.  The case, while it’s nice to see something different I’m not sure I’m really sold on it visually. 

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