Best Bluetooth Receiver For Speakers in India: Robin 4.1 with Low Latency & Apt-X

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The online market in India is overflowing with bluetooth Adapters, BT transmitters and bluetooth receivers for speakers and so on. Deciding which one to buy can be a bit confusing – especially since so many products and marketplaces (amazon, flipkart etc.) are jostling for your attention.

In this article, we’ll learn which bluetooth receiver for is the best in India and which ones should you avoid like the plague.

It is highly tempting to pick up a receiver with a price tag of a measly 300 to 500 rupees.

You should buy such a BT receiver only if your speakers themselves are priced below 1000 rupees. You should definitely buy it if you like bad sound. Hint: If you like to watch movies that were shot in the theater using a mobile phone camera, you’ll definitely like the 300 rupee receiver.

However, If you have even a half decent pair of speakers, then you should definitely stay away from these cheap BT receivers! Why? Because no matter how good your music source is, the sound output will be much, much worse than that of a cassette player. For example: An Arijit Singh song will sound only vaguely similar. You will feel like you are in a train and a ‘bhikari’ is performing his rendition of it.

If you like good sound, then you’re wasting your time with these low-end bluetooth receivers. They feature outdated chipsets and obsolete versions of Bluetooth. Do your speakers justice and get a good receiver that will deliver mind-blowing sound without any perceptible loss in quality.

One of the most popular models in India is the Bluetooth receiver by Logitech. It has several hundred positive reviews on Amazon. So it be good then, right?


It was good in the last decade. Today, it belongs in a museum – not in your home. Logitech’s audio receiver is bulky, heavy, odd looking and has a plethora of limitations.:

It weighs almost two kilograms so it’s definitely not portable, unless you fancy an arm workout.

It needs continuous power supply. This involves setting up additional wiring points. (Is it really wireless?)

It is techninologically ill-eqipped. It features older versions of Bluetooth.

It serves only as a receiver. It cannot transmit audio.

It is overpriced considering its long list of drawbacks.

Till now, Indians had no other option but to buy inferior bluetooth audio receivers because there was not a single advanced model in the market. However, this has changed with the launch of the Signature Acoustics Robin.

Robin is a 4.1 Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter with Low Latency and Apt-X. It is the most brilliant bluetooth adapter that the country has ever seen.

  • Robin features the latest CSR BC 8670 Chip with Bluetooth Version 4.1 and EDR, which stands for enhanced data rate. This ensures top-notch audio quality with next to no delay in transmission.

  • Robin can be connected with almost any speaker or home-theater. It can receive audio from mobiles, tablets, bluetooth TVs and other BT transmitters.

  • It weighs just 18 grams and is about as big as a match box. So you can carry it with you wherever you go.

  • Just imagine: You wake up in the morning and stream some inspiring music from your mobile phone or music player.

  • You carry Robin along with you and use it play music from your mobile through your car’s audio system.

  • You put it in your pocket as you get out and take it with you to the office, shop, cafe, restaurant or any other establishment. You use it play wireless music wherever you are.

  • You bring it to your friend’s house party and this way, you can select and play people’s favorite tracks without having to sit or stand near the speakers.

  • When you want to watch a movie at home without disturbing the others, you can simply connect Robin to a pair of ordinary headphones. They instantly become BT headphones!

  • Robin can transmit audio to two speakers or two headphones – at the same time.

  • It can receive audio from two devices simultaneously.

  • It can remember several devices so you don’t have to pair it again and again.

  • The battery lasts for a whopping 13 hours!

  • You can use Robin to transmit and receive audio even when it is charging.

  • Robin looks incredibly stylish – it’s square shape impresses everybody.

  • Robin is a smart device for smart people. It serves as the perfect bridge between legacy (wired) devices and bluetooth devices.

  • Robin is very easy to use. It comes with a manual so simple that even a child can understand it.

  • The Signature Acoustics brand is associated with premium, high quality products and 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Robin comes with a 1 year standard warranty against manufacturing defects PLUS free extended warranty of 6 months. Register your product at to get free 6 months extended warranty. 

If you are on a hunt for a capable Bluetooth receiver and/or transmitter, then look no further than the Signature Acoustics Robin. It is the last word in bluetooth adapter technology.

Robin is the best bluetooth adapter in India. It is convenient, reliable and sensibly priced. It emits pleasant and melodious audio, just like the song-bird that it is named after.

2 Comment(s)

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