Top 5 Turntables for 2022

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Top 5 Turntables for 2022

We had earlier written a blog in the year 2018 for Top 5 Turntables in India. This year we have updated our list with the current stock in the Market. Turntables are making a comeback moreso, when it comes to physically owning an album. A lot of music enthusiasts have always been deeply fascinated watching a record spin and the subsequent aural nirvana they achieve whilst listening to the music. Globally in few countries Vinyl has outsold CD in the year 2021, this includes countries like US etc.  The analogue connection that turntables produce is deep, rich & very satisfying. Audiophiles swear that they sound way better than other digital sources. Last but not the least; turntables possess an old world charm that your mp3 player/phone just cannot match! Check out our list of the top 5 turntables in India for 2022. 

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#1 Clearaudio Concept Turntable

This record player is the recipient of several awards and it’s undoubtedly the best turntable within its class. If you are in the market for a versatile, reliable record player with superior performance and astounding build quality, we suggest that you get the Clearaudio Concept in a jiffy!

Pros: Phenomenal Sound Output, versatility, ease of use. 3 speed ranges: 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM. The fact that it is manufactured in Germany speaks volumes about its build quality. 
Cons: Price tag might give you a heart attack! Costs more than 2 motorbikes put together. Design is clean although a tad too simplistic but that is the German way.
Rating: 9.5/10

Suggested retail price: Rs.2,15,000/-

Design & Construction

The Clearaudio concept looks understated yet elegant; with its smooth, rounded edges and polished surfaces. It is sure to pique the curiosity of your friends, if such things matter to you. Weighing in at 7.5 kg, this record player appears substantial and planted. The intricate design of the arm lends it a distinct, esoteric appeal. 

The quality of construction is immaculate. You can’t really go wrong with Teutonic engineering. The attention to detail is very evident in all aspects of the design. Clearaudio is very well aware of the needs and priorities of people belonging to the digital age. If you ask a teenager to fit a cartridge in a tonearm, they will give you a bewildered look for half a second and then go back to fiddling with their smartphone. Thus, in order to make the turntable more user friendly, it has been fully configured at the factory. There’s no need to trifle with complicated settings – just plug it in and play. You can have a record playing within minutes of un-boxing the Clearaudio Concept. You do need to install the belt and platter; but you can do that, right?


One might assume that all this simplicity comes at the cost of performance and important features. But no, this is where the ingenuity of the manufacturer really impresses. The output is simply phenomenal! It does not have an overly weighty low end. The notes feel light, taut and deep at the same time. The detail is mind boggling. Once you listen to a record on the Clearaudio Concept, going back to your run-of-the-mill player feels empty and uninspiring. The whole experience of assembling and playing a record on the Concept is engaging without being too cumbersome. The bespoke friction free tone arm with magnetic bearing almost glides into place and envelopes you in musical heaven.

Final Verdict: 

What verdict? It’s a no brainer! Buy it if you can afford it.

#2 Project Debut Carbon EVO

This turntable model has been the evolution of Project Audio’s bestselling model, the Debut Carbon, which for over 30 years is one of the longest running turntable models in production!

Pros: A well-built and truly sorted model. Will keep one interested in listening to vinyl for long and also let one experiment with various phono cartridges and phono pre amp options, to further elevate the sonic performance.

Cons: Nothing per se as we truly feel this is the best value vs performance proposition one can get from the Project Audio product range.

Rating 9/10

Suggested retail price: Rs.1,15,000/-

Design & Construction:

The Debut Carbon Pro focuses on improving the quality & construction of the core aspects thereby making the turntable sound even better, Designed & manufactured in EU, it promises to last you a lifetime. The motor and suspension have been optimised to further reduce unwanted vibrations, via usage of high mass sandwich construction, thanks to a ground up new design and construction of motor and suspension solution.

The speed option is electronically controlled to ensure stability of the desired rpm and ease of use. The heavy platter is coated with TPE technology to avoid unwanted resonances, thereby making it even quieter and noiseless in operation.

The carbon fibre tonearm is fitted with Ortofon 2M Red MM cartridge and equipped with gold plated terminals, to connect a high quality phono RCA Interconnect, which is provided with the turntable.

Final Verdict:

A turntable to a last a lifetime, what more can one expect at its price? Seriously good value for those who are looking to grow their vinyl collection and be in the world of analogue for life.

#3 Project Primary

If one is looking for a truly no nonsense plug and play turntable option, then look no further than the Project primary Turntable. It has been built to exactly this aspect, where by those wanting to get a feel of vinyl can comfortably let their hands feel the ease of use and dip their feet into the world of analogue sound.

Pros: Plug and play ease, simple design and built to a price, the Primary is ideal for starting ones vinyl journey. Just ply the music!

Cons: Being built to a price, the Primary is rather basic, is fully manual in operation, which might lead to some apprehension from first time vinyl users.

Rating 7.5/10

Suggested retail price: Rs.34,999/-

Design & Construction:

The advantage of being pretty much ready to plug and play makes the Primary a very simple turntable to listen to vinyl and start the journey into the world of analogue sound. Built very simply and with the tradition design language of the turntable models of the ’70s & ’80s, the Primary is targeted towards ease of use and maintenance.


The aluminium tonearm with the ortofon OM series cartridge is maximised to provide the best sound at the intended price point. Simple and ready to play!

Final Verdict:

An ideal model for first time vinyl enthusiasts to start their journey, the Primary gives you everything you need to immerse yourself into the world of vinyl.

#4 Project Elemental

A model designed to be a conversation starter amongst music enthusiasts! Having no resemblance to a traditional turntable, the Project Elemental is designed to please those who want something unique. It also provides the convenience of being yet another plug and play option from the Project Audio stables, meaning that it is very well accepted into the first time vinyl listener’s home as well as those who like to showcase style to their friend circle.

Pros: Plug and play ease, simple design and built to a price, the Primary is ideal for starting ones vinyl journey. Just play the music!

Cons: Being built to a price, the Primary is rather basic, is fully manual in operation, which might lead to some apprehension from first time vinyl users.

Rating 7.0/10

Suggested retail price: Rs.28,999/-

Design & Construction:

Instead of having a squarish deck like most other record players, the Elemental has an elongated deck, which has been crafted from a single piece of wood. On the underside, there’s an artificial stone base to lend solidity to the entire structure. The DC motor, main bearing and the tonearm are all placed in line for added smoothness. The heavy base soaks up any noise that may be generated by the plinth and the motor. 

This record player is literally ‘plug n play’. It comes with the highly acclaimed Ortofon OM 5E Cartridge and everything, including the tracking weight and bias force, is pre-configured at the factory. You just need to remove the bearing guard and slide the belt into place.


The detailing, live emotion and the large sound-stage make you forget that you are listening to an entry level turntable. The bass is agile and the vocals are balanced. The player is not bogged down by multiple layers of instruments – it deals with them with scintillating composure. 

Final Verdict:

The Project Elemental with Ortofon OM 5E Cartridge does not possess the authority of high end record players. However, it redefines what an ‘entry level’ turntable can do. The Elemental sounds a lot like the death knell for cheap, plastic turntables.

#5 Audio Technica LP60

When one needs a turntable to be as user friendly as possible (automatic), then one looks no further than the Audio Technica LP60 & its siblings from other brands! Yes, the LP60 is one that is simply made to make vinyl listening as painless and easy to use as possible. Currently the LP60 is unavailable in our market, due to the lack of an official distribution partner.

Pros: Plug and play ease, with a built in phono pre amp, the simple design and built to a price is what the Audio Technica LP60 is and  pretty much what most venturing into the world of vinyl look to buying.

Cons: Very plasticky, comes with no option to upgrade the cartridge or adjust anything.

Rating 6.0/10

Suggested retail price: Approximately Rs.22,000/-

Design & Construction:

Plastic fantastic! That’s what the Audio Technica is in a nutshell. Made by the millions in a mass market factory in China, the fully automatic turntable gives the user a fuss free way to listen to their vinyl’s. There is no adjustment to either changing the tracking force of the cartridge stylus, nor any option to upgrade it in future. It simply is designed to start your journey in a very easy to use manner,


A simple and uncomplicated way to start listening to vinyl, the Audio Technica LP60 is rather basic in what it provides, that being a way to playback music via vinyl. Don’t expect anything extraordinary but at the same time just learn to appreciate what the magic of vinyl can do!

Final Verdict:

A model that is perpetually in demand, the Audio Technica LP60 is what most first time vinyl enthusiasts look for purchasing, though most quickly upgrade from this model after getting comfortable with the nuances of turntable use.

So there you have it, our list of top 5 turntables to look out for! We have been selling these turntables for a while now and therefore have the utmost confidence in any of these making a prospective vinyl enthusiast happy with whichever they decide to purchase. We encourage our readers to get in touch with us for their turntable and vinyl related accessories requirements. We also provide consultancy on how to set up a stereo set up based on the turntable model one wishes to acquire.

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