Signature Acoustics CX-PRODAC Audiophile HiFi Mobile Audio Adapter DAC

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Understanding Digital Audio Converters

Music is stored in 0s and 1s in your smart phone or computers. To be able to convert to audio signal you need a convertor.  A DAC is a Digital-to-Analogue Converter. It’s a device that converts digital audio information (comprised of a series of 0s and 1s) into an analogue audio signal that can be sent to a headphone amp or Speaker or Computer. DACs are embedded in various video players, audio players and smart phones etc. (we here talk about DAC which provides solution to your Smart Phones and Computers, specifically keeping in mind Signature Acoustics TM – PRODAC.)

Most computers or smart phones come preinstalled in DAC and that is how you connect your headphones or speakers into the same. However with the advent of Type C digital port, it is easy for the phone manufacturers to let user choose their own DAC.  DACs have like any smart chip performances which are defined by the bit size, SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio), Cross Talk, Output Voltage etc. these all parameters define how the sound will be perceived in your headphones or speakers (the output source).  In simple terms you can presume that DACs are an external sound card on your desktop computer.

The present generation DACs have wide compatibility in that they can be connected to PC, Mac, Tablets, Smart Phones (Typically with Type C port or Type A) and the compatibility is increasing with removal of Headphone Jacks and Mic In from your headsets.

While previously the markets had very few OEM manufactures, now with the inclusion of Type C interphase, DAC has been encapsulated as a ADD ON to improve audio quality.


The most important characteristics of a DAC are:[citation needed]

Resolution : Is the audio depth in output levels. These are effective bits which defines the actual resolution. In simple words higher the Bit higher will be resolution, however this is not necessariliy the only parameter that defines high fidelity.  

Sampling Rate: It is the speed at with the internal chip can operate with predefined output.

Monotonicity: Not applicable for this blog.

Total harmonic distortion and noise (THD+N):

A measurement of the distortion and noise introduced to the signal by the DAC. It is expressed as a percentage. Lower is better

Dynamic range (DNR):

A measurement of the difference between the largest and smallest signals the DAC can reproduce expressed in decibels. This is usually related to resolution and noise floor.

Signal-to-noise Ratio (SNR):

A measurement of ability to carry the desired signal output which can be lost due to system noise.

ManufacturerBuilt-in DAC ChipsetSampling RateDynamic Range(Signal to Noise Ratio)
(Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise)
KT MicroKT021024 Bit/96 KhzN/A105 dB88 dB54 dB
REALTEKREALTEK ALC568632 Bit/384 Khz118 dB100 dB100 dB80 dB
QualcommQualcomm WHS941532 Bit/384 Khz123 dB123 dB105 dB100 dB
ESS TechnologyESS ES9280C Pro32 Bit/384 Khz122 dB130 dB110 dB126 dB
ConexantConexant CX3199332 Bit/384 Khz120 dB128 dB95 dB120 dB

The advantages of using an external DAC

  • External DACs will usually perform much better than those that come built in to your smartphone or equivalent playback device – usually because that aspect of the hardware usually isn't the priority in all-round media devices like phones or tablets.
  • The second reason to shell out for a better system is the fact that some of the more premium headphones on the market are 'high-impedance' headphones, which require more power through the headphone jack on your music source in order to work properly. (Impedance, for the record, is measured in a unit called ohms, and less than 50 ohms is considered to be low-impedance.)
  • The general consensus is that the harder a pair of headphones is to drive, the better they will eventually sound when paired with the right equipment.
  • An external DAC also helps in reducing electronic noise as it is isolated from the RF and Power fluctuation thereto will have high SNR (or low noise floor).

SA Chipset CX 31993 is a high end performance DAC at a less than 13.0 USD (with Six months of warranty). CX 31993 is DAC Similar performing DAC cost anywhere from 30 to 150 USD. Making CX 31993 extreme value for money DAC.


Type C/Type A convertor is provided making it useful with wide compatibility in Desktop, MAC or Mobile environment.

The High Grade Silver Cable 99.99% purity ensures higher audio transmission fidelity.

The thinking behind SA CX-PRODAC is that, when you press play on your phone or speaker, the sound that comes out often isn't as the artist intended. We've found it should often be clearer, crisper or offer up more bass. In order to do that, you need a good quality cable and who does it better than the Silver Plated 99.99 copper SA CX-PRODAC? Hence we have come up with the product which looks relatively small but plays a vital role in entire listening. With SA's CX-PRODAC you can enjoy matchless portable Hi-Fi sound with a built-in DAC Hi-Res CX31993 chip of high quality. Off course you could just get used to how your phone plays music. But if you're an audiophile that just won't do. So, if your music isn't sounding quite as spectacular as it should – and the only thing you've changed recently is the source – it's likely that your new device (a new laptop, desktop, phone or tablet) has a poor quality DAC built-in. So, to be clear, there's a DAC in your phone or other device. But that doesn't mean you don't need another.

This product comes in beautiful portable tin box!

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