SA Roadrunner Bluetooth receiver & FM transmitter

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                                                             SA Roadrunner


ROADRUNNER is another product from SA to make your Car Audio System completely wireless. Additionally it is also a Media Player, Car Charger and can make your music system work like a headset with its Inbuilt mic while connected to your Car’s FM!

So, If you want to stream music from your smartphone on your car's speakers or to charge your laptops, smart devices or to make/receive calls while you drive, then here is a perfect device which can help you do so.

Roadrunner is named as per convention of SA Bluetooth naming pattern, which is plug and play BT adapter for your Car!

What makes Roadrunner better than its competitor in the same price bracket? This uses ACTION chip over its competitor. Action chip is known for it’s low latency (less delay) and better Audio Quality (Overall sound quality and bass). The reason SA chose Action chip over competitors is because it’s audio brand with focus on hi fi and hi res sound quality.

Top Features of Roadrunner:

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (Type A) and Type C charging port with 30 watts which supports fast charging. Support for SIRI and Google assistant. It has an Advanced Microphone with ergonomic voice capture and it’s advanced microphone is well in place.

Playing music and audio has never been easy and high quality thanks to the Action chip!  As Roadrunner is a bluetooth receiver, it can play your favourite track via your smartphone by simply connecting to bluetooth. The core of this is based on Action Chip set, which renders superior audio quality than all its competitors in the price range.  Further the bass mode enhances your speaker’s bass just by single tap on the B button. If you are a Pop, Rock, Hip Hop music lovers then you are going to love this Bass mode feature a lot.


While lots of us still prefers listening to Music/Podcasts/News on FM Radio. All you have to do is plug the Roadrunner in your car’s lighter port and set the radio’s frequency at same station on both your car and roadrunner.

Additional features of Roadrunner:

Supports SIRI/Google Assistant, wide range of Compatibility, Dedicated button for FM channel changing.

After knowing about all its features, you might be wondering whether it can be compatible with your smartphone. Roadrunner is compatible with all smart devices via Bluetooth.

So the bottom line- How is Roadrunner different? Roadrunner can do all in its product category and more with superior sound quality.

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