Swans Home Theater HT6 - Review

Posted by sagar 19/11/2016 0 Comment(s)

Jam & Lab 6 speakers are very much worth their price points and do admirably well in going about the tasks given to them. Yes, they shine with quality associated equipment in the chain and really do so without any fuss. The 6 provide a good balance across the frequency range. The Jam & Lab 6 fronts would ideally be suited for rooms around 250 to 300 sq ft. Placement is not very fussy but ideally being placed at a distance above 6 inches from the rear walls and at least 12 inches from the side walls will get the balance of the low frequencies optimized. A minimum distance between 4 feet and upto 8 feet between the 2 speakers also is advised from our experience of the Jam & Lab 6. The towers have a slight forward presentation but having said that, they can still be non fatiguing to listen to for appreciable period of time. The highs, mids and lows are pretty much in balance across the frequency spectrum and perform admirably well with all types of genres of music. We were certainly impressed by their performance especially at their price point.

The sub10 sub woofer does a reasonably good job in adding body to the bass with the 6 towers, but needs to be positioned in the right area of the room to make it work at it's best. Fine tuning takes care of the desired bass response which when achieved blends in very well with the rest of the 6 package. Having said that, the sub 10 does have it's limitations in providing very deep bass, that some bass heads would desire, so one should keep in mind that the sub10 cannot achieve outright room shaking levels. We would advise a pair of the sub10's would be able to do a better job than what one would be able to do. For a room size of upto 275 sq ft, the sub 10 will be able to do a very good job indeed. ------------------------- read more at HIFI HUNT

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